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CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Reveals His Charisma Through Photo Shoot

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa suggested his virile glamour by photos online. Like Us on Facebook On Jul 16, photos of Jung Yong Hwa was expelled by their central Facebook page. In a expelled photos, Jung Yong Hwa seems to be removing prepared for a print fire and is display off his glamour by his face [...]

CNBLUE Minhyuk Shares Photo As A Fashionista

CNBLUE Minhyuk common a print of himself during a print shoot. Like Us on Facebook On Jul 16, Minhyuk posted on his Twitter, “I know we guys are removing colds from a atmosphere conditioners to equivocate a heat. Here’s one cut of me in a vest with a board! This character will be renouned in [...]

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Shows Affection For Minhyuk And Asks To Meet Him

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin showed love for Minhyuk. Like Us on Facebook On Jul 16, Lee Jung Shin posted on his Twitter, “Minhyuk, we took this print during a crash crash filming. This is a present for you, we know you’re thankful. So… we should accommodate now. Let’s accommodate in Ilsan. Right now, let’s meet. [...]

Band CNBLUE Tops Japan Oricon DVD Chart With Documentary, ‘NEVER STOP’

CNBLUE has proven itself to be some-more than usually another K-pop child band. The organisation surfaced a Oricon Chart in Japan on Jul 16 with their new documentary patrician “The Story of CNBLUE NEVER STOP.” The documentary focuses on a routine of how CNBLUE came to be a general sensations that they are today. The [...]

CNBLUE Adds Even More Acting Credits

  If you’re examination a play “Temptation,” we might have beheld that a actor personification Park Ha Sun’s younger hermit Na Hong Gyu is nothing other than Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE. And he’s not a usually CNBLUE member that will seem on a tiny shade this summer. Promotional stills and teasers were recently expelled [...]

Alexander, B1A4 and CNBlue to come to Philippines

There’s no interlude a call of KPop groups about to strike Metro Manila in a subsequent few months. On daub is a new collection of artists—Alexander, B1A4 and CNBlue—flying in to accommodate their thousands of Filipino fans. Time to party CNBlue is stoical of, from left,  Lee JungShin, Lee JongHyun, Jung YongHwa and Kang MinHyuk. [...]

CNBLUE’s Lee Jung-shin — from child to man

      CNBLUE member Lee Jung-shin showed off a far-reaching spectrum of boy-to-man glamour in a photoshoot for conform repository NYLON. The 187-centimer K-pop statue flaunted his boy-like attract in a black-and-white photo, while he issued a some-more mature aura in colored photoshoots. The rest of a photos are suggested in a Aug emanate [...]

EXO, Super Junior, CNBLUE, Girl’s Day, Block B, and AOA are a initial winners …

Congratulations to CNBlue, Exo, Block B, Girl’s Day and AOA. My Super Junioooooor !!! ♥♥♥ Sooo happy for you, and ouri Hyukiiiie ♥ , chukkahaaaaae 8D

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Takes A Picture With All Members After A Sign Meeting

CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin showed a design of him and a other members. Like Us on Facebook On Jul 7 on his Twitter he said, “Enjoy Jeju and all a tasty dishes while you’re here as good as entrance to a pointer meeting.” In a picture, all a CNBLUE members were dressed casually. Jungshin stood [...]

KCON 2014 Gets G-Dragon, B1A4 and CNBLUE

It was announced this week that stone rope CNBLUE, swat artist G-Dragon, cocktail singers B1A4, and child rope Teen Top, have all been combined to a 2014 KCON festival – a largest annual South Korean themed song eventuality in America. This year a festival will lapse to a LA Memorial Sports Arena, between Aug 9th [...]