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2NE1, Nichkhun, Tiffany, and More Pose for a "Letters to Angels" Domestic …

2NE1, Nichkhun, Tiffany, and More Pose for a Letters to Angels Domestic Adoption Campaign

Photographer Cho Sei Hyun continues his annual “Letters to Angels” campaign. Now on to a ninth year, a yearly gift enlists celebrities to poise with orphans, who a photographer calls “angels,” for an vaunt that promotes domestic adoption.

“The initial angel is already 9 years old,” Cho Sei Hyun pronounced on his Twitter comment (@4portrait). “This year, these days, a lot of stars and angels have played in front of my camera.”

Although a vaunt is nonetheless to open, Cho Sei Hyun already common some behind-the-scenes shots and brief anecdotes as captions by Twitter. He also suggested some of a stars who participated in this year’s campaign, with a thesis “eyes,” including 2NE1, 2PM’s Nichkhun, BEAST’s Doojun, Yoseob and Dongwoon, CN Blue, Choi Ji Woo, Park Shi Hoo, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seo Jin and SNSD’s Tiffany.


[Dara] Nice, I’ll see we grow up. Ten some-more years and you’ll be handsome. Meet Dara, she’s a singer.

[Gong Minzy, with a grin of an angel] Minzy’s face is a angel-baby’s many loved. A poetic face, right? (Minzy’s letter: You’re a special and changed girl.)

[Angel meets CL] The angel’s face is confronting measureless purity, CL of 2NE1.

[2NE1 Bom] Shooting a baby looking into a eyes of an angel. Bom with a pacific countenance by a lenses.


Yoon Doojun, Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoon, here they are with a angel. ‘Beast,’ right? Please look!

[The ninth Letters to Angels theme: Eyes] Yoseob looks into a angel’s eyes, vocalization to a heart.

[Beast Yoseob and Angel] The impulse of initial sight. Yoseob’s eyes full of adore passes on to a pictures, right?

CN Blue

[A 10-year guarantee to meet] One day, dad, uncle and brothers meet. Unfortunately, we will partial for now.  However, we shall accommodate again, 10 YEARS LATER. CN Blue’s promise, from Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin.

[Kang Min Hyuk, an angel and a promise] CN Blue Min Hyuk in a eyes of an angel. They reason hands and make a guarantee to accommodate again.

Choi Ji Woo

[Choi Ji Woo's Angel, Guardian Angel] My defender angel gave me a cuddle and many, many prayers. “The many pleasing girl.”

Kim Hye Soo

[Letters for Angels] For 3 years, with a angels, sensitively ancillary us, Kim Hye Soo.

Lee Min Ho

[Angel Big Brother] Big Brother Min Ho prays that angel baby will not take too prolonged to accommodate a good family.

Park Si Hoo

[Park Si Hoo] I’m watchful to see we during your enlistment. In my mind’s eye, a pleasing immature man. 

Lee Seo Jin

[Lee Seo Jin] At shooting, a angels are so pleasing and expressive.

SNSD’s Tiffany

[A lonely, waste angel] Tiffany’s initial moments in a dilemma of a studio. 

2PM’s Nichkhun

[Kiss with an angel] Did we give me a cuddle and fed me milk? But…you will go away. Nichkhun: I’ll accommodate we again in 10 years. we adore you, Ji Hoo-ya.

[Angel's signature] In such a gentle position, creation a ‘salute.’ Sometimes, we demeanour during cinema and we only feel nice. This design says we do not need anything else.

[The ninth Letters to Angels theme: "Eyes"] Nichkhun, he is a nicest guy. 

Last year, celebrities who shot for a “Letters to Angels” debate were Lee Byung Hun, Jang Geun Suk, Yoon Si Yoon, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Ki, and Lee Min Jung, among others. Over a years, singers and idols who have participated in a debate embody a Wonder Girls (2007), Kara and Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang (2009.)

The vaunt photos are shot in a campaign’s heading black and white. The “Letters to Angels” vaunt will run in Seoul from Dec 14 to 19.

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